The Dropa Stones..

3 min readJan 20, 2024

A new addition to the Stoneface Ords ecosystem marking Event 2 of Season 1. These stones are momumental in what will happen next in Event 3.

What are these disks used for?

These disks will act as a bidding token for Event 3. The way this will work is through an auction house that will be hosted within the Stoneface Ords discord. To gain the ability to place a bid you will need to verify your assets through Matrica to gain the Dropa role.


The total supply of the Dropa Stones finalized at 171.

This total consists of:

  • 88 Complete disks
  • 19 Worn disks
  • 64 Shattered disks

Each condition is worth a certain amount of points:

  • Complete Disks = 3 points
  • Worn Disks = 2 points
  • Shattered Disks = 1 point

The total amount of points per condition:

  • Complete disks = 264 points possible
  • Worn disks = 38 points possible
  • Shattered disks = 64 points possible
  • Total = 366 points possible

How will I actually use these disks?

Upon winning an auction as the highest bidder you will be asked to transfer the amount of disks equal to the amount of points you placed the winning bid with. The disks will be transferred to the Stoneface Vault. Upon confirmation of the disks being transferred you will be transferred Event 3’s new asset.

What happens to the disks once in the Stoneface Vault?

The disks will remain vaulted until further notice.. These disks will never be resold from the vault but may be given back to Stoneface holder’s in the future. Dropa Stones will remain as the Stoneface ecosystem’s primary currency aka bidding tokens for all upcoming events. Meaning that you will always have a chance to redeem a new events asset by using Dropa Stones instead of bitcoin.

What will happen once there is a limited supply of disks?

*Example* Let’s assume 20% of the supply (34 Disks) have been vaulted. The remaining 137 disks may become more valuable due to supply and demand.

How will we be able to receive disks from the vault?

In order to accomodate for the amount of events compared to the amount of disks available. There will be 2 yearly unlocks of the disks from the vault. Once in Q2 and once in Q4… These will be airdropped directly to Stoneface holders at any given point in time.

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