Stone Face Ords Whitepaper

3 min readJun 21, 2023

What are Stone Face Ords and how was this project concept created?

Stone Face Ords consists of 1000 pixelated Moai generated using 102 traits all inscribed on unique sats (nakamoto, pizza, block 78). I came up with the concept of SFO while looking at a meme that depicted a Moai. I thought to myself, why has no one ever created a collection using Moai? I loved the simplicity of the ancient statues and all the different emotions you can feel while looking at them. So what better way to captivate and preserve these beautiful statues than through bitcoin ordinals. Bitcoin is the oldest cryptocurrency and the strongest. We all know bitcoin is here to stay no matter what, this creates immutability for Stone Face Ords and allows us to further preserve the essence of Moai.

What does Stone Face Ords plan on doing post-mint?

Stone Face Ords will be a hub to bring founders / artists / influencers / enthusiasts all in one place to grant wider accessibility. We all know how hard it can be trying to reach out to your favorite artist, influencer, or even founder. Why go through a million channels of communication when you can find it all in Stone Face Ords exclusive access discord channels. Holders of Stone Face Ords will be able to use our platform as a launchpad or a way to bring their creation to light infront of Web 3s largest communities. We have a very extensive list of partners, here are just a few:


Ape List

Alpha Bot

Bean List


Renga Alpha

Pudgy Penguins



The Ordinals Club

Hunters Of Web 3

The list goes on..

What else does Stone Face Ords plan on offering?

Well as a founder and artist I plan on collaborating with other artists using the Stone Face Ords design to embed this into the minds of all people in Web 3. Stone Face Ords plans on being more than an access pass to our launchpad. We plan on becoming a staple brand in Web 3.

Who created Stone Face Ords?

Fked AKA creator of FkedUpArt designed and founded Stone Face Ords with the help of a small team. FkedUpArt started as an ethereum based art pass which was meant to grant you access to 1 free weekly animation created by Fked. This was put on hold due to the creation of Stone Face Ords, post-mint these weekly releases will continue until there are 69 animated editions in total. There are future plans of integrating FkedUpArt and Stone Face Ords into one conglomerate project remaining under the Stone Face Ords branding.

What will happen once FkedUpArt and StoneFaceOrds merge?

You will be receiving access to high quality animated pieces on the BTC blockchain created by Fked. FkedUpArt passes will have its own migration onto the BTC network to ensure immutability of our art passes, as these were my initial creation they will always be prioritized as will Stone Face Ords. The migrated passes will be inscribed on the rarest of sats I can get my hands on. Art drops will then continue to be released on rare sats but will be very limited in supply only accessible to Stone Face / Art Pass holders.

How can I join the Stone Face Ords community?

Where can I find FkedUpArt passes?

Stone Face Ords

inscribing historical artifacts onto historical sats